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Computers, their peripherals, software, scientific, nautical, surveying, electric, weighing, measuring, photographic, cinematographic, optical, signaling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines and data processing equipment; fire-extinguishing apparatus.
 090642  笔记本电脑  Notebook computers   
090372  便携计算机  Laptop computers   
090608  磁编码器  Magnetic encoders   
090609  磁带装置(计算机用)  Magnetic tape units [for computers]   
090609  磁带装置(计算机用)  Tape units (Magnetic –) [for computers]   
090634  磁盘驱动器(电脑)  Drives (Disk –) [for computers]   
090607  磁数据媒介  Magnetic data media   
090608  磁性编码机  Encoders (Magnetic –)   
090529  磁性识别卡  Identity cards, magnetic   
090607  磁性数据介质  Data media (Magnetic –)   
090591  电脑软件(录制好的)  Software (Computer –) [recorded]   
090598  电子笔(视觉演示装置)  Pens (Electronic –) [visual display units]   
090598  电子笔(荧屏显示系统用)  Electronic pens [visual display units]   
090657  电子出版物(可下载)  Publications (Electronic –) [downloadable]   
090657  电子出版物(可下载)  Electronic publications [downloadable]   
090636  电子字典  Electronic pocket translators   
090620  读出器(数据处理设备)  Readers [data processing equipment]   
090484  赌金计算器  Totalizators   
090617  光盘  Discs (Optical –)   
090617  光盘  Optical discs   
090634  光盘驱动器(计算机)  Disk drives [for computers]   
090252  会计机  Invoicing machines   
090135  会计计算机器  Accounting machines   
090135  会计计算机器  Accounting machines   
090640  集成电路卡  Integrated circuit cards [smart cards]   
090101  计算磁盘  Calculating disks   
090101  计算磁盘  Calculating disks   
090372  计算机  Computers   
090658  计算机程序(可下载软件)  Computer programs [downloadable software]   
090658  计算机程序(可下载软件)  Programs (Computer –) [downloadable software]   

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