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Industrial oils and greases; lubricants; dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions; fuels (including motor spirit) and illuminants; candles and wicks for lighting.
 C040014  白油  white oil   
040082  苯  Benzene   
040067  工业用骨油  Bone oil for industrial purposes   
040075  工业用葵花籽油  Sunflower oil for industrial purposes   
040047  工业用石油冻胶  Petroleum jelly for industrial purposes   
040047  工业用石油冻胶  Petroleum jelly for industrial purposes   
040087  工业用油  Industrial oil   
040035  工业用脂  Industrial grease   
040055  硅石建筑保护油  Oil for the preservation of masonry   
C040006  核桃油(工业用)  walnut oil   
040077  混合二甲苯  Xylol   
C040022  加脂油  adding fat oil   
C040017  精密仪器油  apparatus lubricant   
040066  矿物油  Naphtha   
040053  煤焦油  Coal tar oil   
040054  煤石脑油  Coal naphtha   
C040002  木油  wood oil   
C040019  皮带油  leather belt lubricant   
040086  皮革保护剂(油和脂)  Preservatives for leather [oils and greases]   
040090  皮革保护油  Oil for the preservation of leather   
040086  皮革防腐剂(油和脂)  Leather (Preservatives for –) [oils and greases]   
040034  皮革用油脂  Grease for leather   
040102  漆油  Paints (Oils for –)   
040101  切割液  Cutting fluids   
C040018  切割油  cutter lubricant   
040101  切削液  Fluids (Cutting –)   
C040021  轻油  thinner oil   
C040016  溶剂油  solvnet naphtha   
C040008  乳化油  emulsible oil   
040063  润滑剂  Lubricants   
040052  润滑石墨  Graphite (Lubricating –)   
040052  润滑石墨  Lubricating graphite   
040042  润滑油  Lubricating oil   
040042  润滑油  Lubricating oil   
040060  润滑脂  Lubricating grease   
040056  润湿油  Moistening oil   
040056  润湿油  Moistening oil   
040071  石油(原油或精炼油)  Petroleum [raw or refined]   
040044  石油醚  Ether (Petroleum –)   
040044  石油醚  Petroleum ether   
C040001  桐油  Chinese wood oil   
040036  脱膜油(建筑)  Oils for releasing form work [building]   
040036  脱膜油(建筑)  Oils for releasing form work [building]   
040011  武器用润滑油  Grease for arms [weapons]   
C040013  显微镜油(即香柏油)  cedar lubricant   
040026  靴用动物油脂  Grease for shoes   

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