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Procedures of Trademark Registration

1. To confirm the Trademark and product category.

 There 45 classifications of TM.

2. Trademark searching, see if any similar one.

3. To prepare the materials

1) To provide the Company Information: the name of the Company (in Chinese and English), Company Address (in Chinese and English), and Registration NO. Of the Company;

2) To Choose a Linkman and provide Contact Phone No. and address.

3) To provide Trademark in JPG Form, more than 400*400 picture elements;

4) Choose 10 items in certain category, more than 10 items shall pay extra money, 100 RMB one more.

4. When all the above things ready, signing contract and issuing invoice.

5. Chop on the materials we provided and send back to us.

6. Pay2000RMB for per trademark, different category registration or to register trademark separately in Chinese and English shall consider another trademark.

7. We will submit the materials to National Trademark Bureau within 3 working days after receiving payment.

8. Send you the application acceptance notice to your company in one month, then your company could put “TM” on the top right corner or lower right corner of your trademark

9. Get registration certificate from the National Trademark Bureau for about a year.

10. The registration is effective for 10 years (since the date of application) and could be extended.


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