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Article 22 Where the Trademark Office refuses an application for trademark registration on a part of the designated goods, the applicant may file a divisional application for the part which has been granted initial approval, and the date of application of the divisional application shall be the same as that of the parent application.
If necessary, the applicant shall file an application for division with the Trademark Office within 15 days of receipt of the Notice on Partial Refusal of a Trademark Registration Application.
After receiving the application for division, the Trademark Office shall divide the original application into two pieces, assign a new application number to the divisional application which has been granted initial approval, and publish it.
Article 23 According to the provision of Article 29 of the Trademark Law, where the Trademark Office deems it necessary to require an explanation or amendment of a trademark registration application, the applicant shall provide an explanation or amendment within 15 days of receipt of a notice from the Trademark Office.  
Article 24 Where an opposition is filed against a trademark which has been initially approved and published by the Trademark Office, the opponent shall submit the following opposition materials in duplicate to the Trademark Office by distinguishing the original from the duplicate:
(1) A completed application form for trademark opposition.
(2) The opponent's identification.
(3) Proof on the opponent's capacity as a prior right holder or an interested party, if the opposition is filed on the ground that paragraph 2 or 3 of Article 13, Article 15, paragraph 1 of Article 16, Article 30, Article 31, or Article 32 of the Trademark Law has been violated.
The application form for trademark opposition shall have a specific claim and factual basis, to which the relevant evidential materials shall be attached.

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