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Article 11 The following periods of time shall not be counted in the time limit for the examination or the trial of trademark matters:  
(1) The time of serving the documents of the Trademark Office or the Trademark Appeal Board by publication.
(2) The time for a party to provide additional evidence or supplement and correct documents and the time for submitting a new statement of defense as a result of the change of a party.
(3) The time needed for submitting evidence on use, negotiating, and drawing lots, when there are applications submitted on the same day for registration of the same trademark.
(4) The time of waiting for the determination of the right of priority.
(5) The time of waiting for the results of another case involving prior rights upon request of the applicant in the process of examination or trial.
Article 12 Except under the circumstances described in paragraph 2 hereof, the commencing date of any time limit as mentioned in the Trademark Law or this Regulation shall not be included in the time limit. If the time limit is calculated by year or month, it shall expire on the corresponding day of the last month; if the corresponding day does not exist in the last month, it shall expire on the last day of the last month; or if the expiry date of a time limit falls on a holiday, the time limit shall expire on the first working day after the holiday.   
The period of validity of a registered trademark as mentioned in Articles 39 and 40 of the Trademark Law shall commence from a statutory date, and expire on the day before the corresponding day in the last month of the period of validity. If the corresponding day does not exist in the last month, the last day of the last month shall be the expiry date.
Chapter II Applications for Trademark Registration
Article 13 An application for trademark registration shall be prepared according to the published table of classification of commodities and services. For each trademark registration application, the applicant shall submit to the Trademark Office one copy of the Application Form for Trademark Registration and one copy of the trademark design; and, if it applies for registering a color combination or colored design as a trademark, the colored design and one copy of the black and white design; or if no color is specified, the black and white design.   

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