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Article 25 After receiving an application form for trademark opposition, if it is determined upon examination that the application satisfies the conditions for acceptance, the Trademark Office shall accept it, and issue a notice of acceptance to the applicant.  
Article 26 Under any of the following circumstances, the Trademark Office shall reject an application for trademark opposition, and notify the applicant in writing of the rejection and the reasons for the rejection:  
(1) The opposition application is not filed within the statutory time limit.
(2) The opponent's capacity or the ground of opposition fails to satisfy the provision of Article 33 of the Trademark Law.
(3) The opposition lacks specific grounds, facts, or legal basis.
(4) The opponent files again an opposition to the same trademark on the basis of the same ground, facts and legal basis.
Article 27 The Trademark Office shall deliver the duplicates of the trademark opposition materials to the party against whom the opposition is filed, and require the party to submit a defense within 30 days of receipt of the duplicates of the trademark opposition materials. The party's failure to submit such a defense shall not affect the decision of the Trademark Office.   
Where a party needs to provide additional evidential materials after filing an application for trademark opposition or submitting a defense, the party shall state it in the application or defense, and provide the same within three months after the application for trademark opposition or the defense is submitted. A party that fails to submit the same upon expiry of the prescribed time limit shall be deemed to have forgone the provision of additional evidential materials. However, for evidence which comes into existence after the expiry of the prescribed time limit or evidence which the party fails to submit within the prescribed time limit for good reasons, if it is submitted after the expiry of the prescribed time limit, the Trademark Office may admit such evidence after it is delivered to and cross-examined by the opposing party.

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