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If your trademark right is infringed, first, you can resolve the dispute through consultation; if you are reluctant to resolve the matter through consultation or the consultation fails, second, you may hire our lawyer to institute legal proceedings in the People's Court or request the administrative authority for Market for actions.


The Market Supervision Administration (MSA) plays an extremely important role in China to assist business entities and individuals in resolving trademark disputes and infringement claims. MSA operates on national, provincial, county, and municipal levels, and is the key government agency that is responsible for corporations registration, fair competition, trademark administration, market supervision, and exercises other important functions. The MSA has the administrative authority to investigate and handle any acts of infringement of the exclusive rights to use a registered trademark according to law.


When an infringing act is constituted, the MSA shall order the infringer to immediately stop the infringing act, confiscate and destroy the infringed goods and tools specially used for the manufacture of the infringing goods and for counterfeiting the representations of the registered trademark, and impose a fine. Where any interested party is dissatisfied with the decision on the matter, it or he may file a lawsuit in the People's Court according to the Administrative Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China.

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